Document Management and FranSign™

Manage all documents and approved templates in one place. Documents are stored in the system contextually and are fully searchable. Get unlimited access to our proprietary FranSign™ Signature tool for all documents, including franchise agreements. FranSign™ is compliant with the federal ESIGN Act.
Signing the FDD
Send the FDD through the system via a link within an email. Once the lead has downloaded the FDD, the system date and time stamps every page of the FDD. Always know the date the FDD was downloaded, and the IP Address from where it was downloaded, and keep a copy of the thumbnail receipt right on the page with the lead information.
Never again misplace any of the lead information. All information stays with the lead even when they become a franchisee.
Franchise Agreement
Using the proprietary FranSign™ tool, which is included as part of FranDash, you can easily build document templates with our comprehensive list of placeholders. Franchise agreements, amendments, NDAs, etc. There is no limit on FranSign. Whatever software you are using for signatures can be eliminated.

you can send franchise agreements out for signature and use our comprehensive list of placeholders
Document Search
You are able to quickly run pre-built reports of all documents. From there you can sort by type, name, date, etc. You can also use the global search to search words and phrases from a document. Documents can also be downloaded directly from the report on your computer or on any device, even your cell phone.
Track Development Agreement Tracker
Using the contractual opening date, the projected date, and the actual opening date the system can calculate a very easy-to-read report on how each developer is executing on their plan. From the report, you can link to stores as well as the actual development agreement.
Specific Developer Information
This example shows the power of having all the vital data of each specific developer information in one place. From here you look at location information, ROFR information, the actual agreement, and all of the franchisee information including ownership as well as parent and subsidiary information. You can also workflow critical reminders and communication regarding issues.
Track Payments
Easily track any payments you want to see. These types of reports can be run for your entire system so you can see what money will be made in any given timeframe.
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