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Understanding that you are busy, we decided to create a straightforward sales site that lets you easily find the topics you are interested in, and then specific articles to help you drill down on our capabilities. Then, rather than a tired screenshot, we added a live preview of the user interface and experience you can expect from this state-of-the-art platform.

If you do not see what you need, please do not hesitate to ask — no matter how hard we try, nothing can replace an actual demo.

  • Franchise Sales CRM and Lead Management

    Set up lead import from your company website and lead generation services. Send FDD with signatory identity verification and easy signing. Automate. Never lose your copy of the disclosure receipt. Note the 14 day disclosure period. Create drip campaigns with email and text automation.

  • Email, Text, Notes, Phone Log & Chat

    Send emails and texts. Keep full communication threads anchored to what's in question. Automate. Integrate with Gmail, Outlook where beneficial. Use chat and leave notes in context, post bulletin board announcements for selected groups or all of your franchisees. Communication through the system provides a permanent record.

  • Field Operations - Compliance

    Create forms for all types of compliance visits. Fill out compliance reports on tablets and cell phones, on- or off-line. Take photo and video evidence from within the report, associate with report items. Configure scoring types and ranges. Use templates and automation for efficiency and consistency.

  • Document Management and FranSign™

    Manage all documents and approved templates in one place. Documents are stored in the system contextually and are fully searchable. Get unlimited access to our proprietary FranSign™ Signature tool for all documents, including franchise agreements. FranSign™ is compliant with the federal ESIGN Act.

  • Real Estate & Location Management

    Manage open locations and protected areas (polygon, zip codes or radius) List potential sites and deal terms which will show on the map and is viewable by the sales team. Map also shows all development territory rights as well as rights of first refusal agreements. You also have the ability to show competitors or desired co-tenants as you assess potential locations.

  • Project Management Sheets

    A template project sheet can be built for any project, like a new store opening checklist. Enter your start date and the sheet calculates your allotted timeline. Automated reminders for all participants by task. The feature is also collaborative with franchisees. Supports files, pictures, hyperlinks, custom forms as well as detailed management reporting. Flexible and designed for franchisors.

  • Automation & Workflows

    Easily create workflows to automate actions based on a variety of triggers and conditions. Send email, text messages, make task assignments, send notifications, change statuses and forward reports. Monitor all relevant workflows through a variety of reports that you can create specifically for you our your team.

  • Form Builder

    Create and send custom forms and questionnaires. Capture responses submitted by leads, contacts, franchisees, and others. Keep to reference when needed or display in the relevant context. Create templates for typical scenarios. Use with other features to extend their data collection capabilities, such as pulling in specific information from the franchisee regarding construction status through the Project Management sheets.

  • Sharing & Franchisee Access

    Enable access for corporate users and franchisees, configure role-based scopes and access rules, and establish efficient collaboration. You can also add third parties to access a specific part of the site like sales brokers, real estate brokers, accountants, or lawyers. The system also has a robust audit trail so you know who, where, and when.

  • Robust System Reporting

    Use built-in and custom reporting capabilities to analyze, sort, organize and share vital KPI data. Get immediate insight and breakdown with Auto Reports, view and compare progress over time with Metrics Reports, create aggregate views with related data using Joined Reports. Define KPIs, share and pin, use automation to react to their changes.

  • SOC II Type 2 Compliant

    This certification provides assurance to customers, partners, and stakeholders that we take data security and privacy seriously and have implemented adequate controls to protect sensitive information. The audit evaluates security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data.

  • Item 20

    Aggregate all the required information for the FDD Item 20 with a click of a button. Run the Item 20 report as many times as you like, including for the current year to make sure your data is accurate. Make edits to the automatically generated report if necessary. Download in the format required by regulations.

  • Customization

    Thorough out the system you have the ability to personalize your views by user or set as a company view. You can add color to your dashboard and hide or rearrange items as desired. You can also create your own tabs at the top of the site. Text override allows you to use your brands nomenclature. You can also add custom data fields under every area, which all become reportable.

  • Data Health & Friendly Nudges

    Receive Nudge alerts when data is found incomplete or inconsistent. Configure the periodicity, select applicable rules, create your custom rules. This feature exists to help ensure that your data is accurate. For example, the Nudge will alert you if you have a franchise agreement but the system is not showing a record of a signed receipt page.

  • Multiple Brands

    Running multiple brands? Bring them all under the same umbrella, navigate between brands, consolidate, run individual and aggregated reports. Clients with multiple brands like the individual aspects of managing a brand while at the same time having access to information rolled up to the Parent company. And as with all features, everything is easily accessible through our state-of-the-art progressive web app.

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