Intuitive, powerful franchise management system supporting you from FDD to store operations.

One single app for franchisors, franchisees and all their users. App works on any device.

FranDash is a PWA - the same app on all devices with automatic updates.


Keep using all your favorite tools - integration is available with all major software - Slack, DocuSign, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Robust and Customizable Field Compliance Tool - Usable on Any Device

The core to every successful franchise is consistency and compliance so we have built a simple and expandable report that can upload photos directly to your report all from your device while in your location. No need to leave and call franchisee next week, you are done before you leave.


Finally, everything in one place and everyplace! Library is organized by lead, franchisee, and each location and is visible in all sections. We also have a shared corporate folder so you have one place to make a document change and all franchisees will see the most current document.

Business by the Numbers

We all know you can’t move it if you don’t measure it. Now you will have powerful visibility for all your vital KPIs so that you can move your business in the right direction and watch your teams results.

Lead Management, FDD Delivery, Complete CRM

Electronic FDD download with date and time stamped open log, automated lead emails at your schedule, lead and sales KPIs, proprietary signature tool for item23 and powerful visibility of sales and lead generation performance.

Track Key Information of all Locations

Accessible by you and your local broker you can track all potential locations for every franchisee from initial interest to LOI and lease. You can also add locations in markets where you do not yet have a franchisee committed and have sales access the inventory to use for prospects or show to existing franchisees looking to grow. All real estate in one place, now there is a concept!

Simple Real Estate Mapping and Protected Areas

With a proprietary interface paired with google maps we made creating a system wide location map along with protected areas a very simple process, domestic and international. Protected area can be measured by radius, zip codes, Polygram and even measured with drive times. All franchisee locations are auto populated from store page with protected area. You can also use this for future locations with potential sites and the inventory page.

Visibility to Potential Locations for Franchisees and Sales Department

A simple lease abstract form allows for all key information to be easily available for any team member for the life of the location. You can even download the lease to any device from the abstract. You can also build auto reminders based on lease requirements such as option dates. You also have unlimited storage for all deal documents. Everything in one place!

Keep All the Plates Spinning

Custom built schedules for every part of your business, real estate, construction. opening, and marketing all with e-mail and in-app notifications.

Track all Negotiated Changes

Details of every deal at-a-glance never again wonder what negotiated changes you made with who. You can also run one report and see all changes for every franchise.

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