Field Operations - Compliance

Create forms for all types of compliance visits. Fill out compliance reports on tablets and cell phones, on- or off-line. Take photo and video evidence from within the report, associate with report items. Configure scoring types and ranges. Use templates and automation for efficiency and consistency.
Easy Template Creation
Compliance reports are very customizable and templates can be set in any type of location. Traditional stores, food trucks, non-traditional locations, or even food courts. Once you start a report it will auto-attach all relevant location information. This is a very powerful addition for franchise operations.
Report Example
Once your templates are set up all you need is to start a report on your location. This is available on or offline in case your area does not have good WIFI. Our code is written so as you update any device they all update, with no long delay waiting for information to sync. Images are taken from the report and placed in the correct section. The report tracks your progress to completion. These can be built and used by franchisees to help them operate at the highest standards. Once complete, the report is accessible by anyone on the system or can be easily emailed.
System Reports
View your entire system's compliance scores and include any specific metrics you want to see. This report can be sorted and viewed any way you need. You can access any individual report directly from the list. These reports can be saved as public or private. They can easily be exported to a spreadsheet. Like most items in the system, this report could be added to a workflow and emailed to interested stakeholders.
Section Reporting
Review system by sections to identify issues across the business. This report can also be viewed by state or region or even by role. Again, easy access to the actual report.
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