Automation & Workflows

Easily create workflows to automate actions based on a variety of triggers and conditions. Send email, text messages, make task assignments, send notifications, change statuses and forward reports. Monitor all relevant workflows through a variety of reports that you can create specifically for you our your team.
New Lead Workflow Process
Design a process that fits your company. With our simple and robust Workflow feature you can automate where it makes sense and create reminders for human contact. This feature also includes texting as part of the service for no additional fee.
Workflow Overview
Automate repetitive tasks and processes with Workflows and Workflow Templates. Workflows can be assigned to any objects and can be triggered at a certain time, on a certain condition, or manually. Workflows can create tasks and notify their owners and participants, send emails and texts, and modify statuses and other values.
Development Agreement
Workflows can be as short or as comprehensive as needed. Triggers and dependancies for ant action you need automated.
Reminder of Development Period Expirations
This is an example of a simple but powerful workflow. This notifies anyone listed on the task that a development period is ready to expire in 90 days. This gives time to understand where the franchisee is at and do you need to extend his timeline or prepare for termination.
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