Email, Text, Notes, Phone Log & Chat

Send emails and texts. Keep full communication threads anchored to what's in question. Automate. Integrate with Gmail, Outlook where beneficial. Use chat and leave notes in context, post bulletin board announcements for selected groups or all of your franchisees. Communication through the system provides a permanent record.
Collaborative Note Feature
The notes feature is found in all areas on the site and allows all users to add and review notes contextually. You can add unique topics so that you stay organized. You can also search notes through the global search. Notes are collaborative with team members as well as franchisees. Everything is dated and time-stamped. Notes hold forms, pictures, spreadsheets as well as large files like blueprints and site plans. This feature also works as an internal chat feature as well.
The system has a robust email client. You can send emails and track responses, track opens as well as click-throughs on email campaigns. All emails go out and come back contextually. If needed we can also integrate with Outlook as well as Gmail.
Text Messaging
You have unlimited access to our text service. There is no additional charge for this. You can easily automate texting with your lead funnel and have all the information in one place.
Call log
Keep a permanent record of your phone conversations. These are all found contextually where they are entered and can also be viewed globally. Notes can be filtered viewed as you need, as well as searched.
Live desktop version preview | Limited functionality