Franchise Sales CRM and Lead Management

Set up lead import from your company website and lead generation services. Send FDD with signatory identity verification and easy signing. Automate. Never lose your copy of the disclosure receipt. Note the 14 day disclosure period. Create drip campaigns with email and text automation.
Franchise Development & Lead Management Overview
FranDash provides a robust and highly customizable CRM for lead organization and management. Leads are pulled from your brand site or from lead generation sources. All data is reportable and can be organized as you want to see it. Save your favorite views and share them with your team.
  • System automation makes sending immediate contact emails to prospects simple.
  • Automated text messaging is native to the system and no extra fee
  • Robust note section that allows for pictures, links, and documents
  • Every lead has a library to store and organize all documents you use during the sales process.
  • System has internal email or can be integrated with your Outlook or Gmail
Prospect Detail, FDD and Receipts
Every lead profile can have the exact information that is important to you. With FranDash you have the flexibility to not only add custom data fields but personalized views as well.

The FDD is sent from the system and tracks when the prospect opens the disclosure and then is prompted to sign the receipt.

The system then emails the receipt to the lead and places the executed Item 23 on the lead page along with the prospect's IP Address. The day the FDD is opened is automatically added to the receipt, so no more trying to figure out when they got the FDD.

You can also run reports of all Franchise agreements, FDD download dates as well as the date and actual receipt for your entire system. This is usually the first question during due diligence for private equity or a sale.

Sales Funnel - Disclosure Receipt
This is an example of a simple sales funnel based on which leads have signed their Item 23.

You can set the criteria for any sales funnel view that you want to see and have as many as you need.

Sell / Don't Sell - State Registration
One simple view of all states where you do business, you can not only track the don't sell states but also keep track of the registration states that are in the process of being approved.

FranDash can also be set up with automation to send out custom messages to those leads that come in from Do Not Sell states.

You will also see a "Do Not Sell" flag whenever someone tries to send an FDD to a lead in a state you are not registered in.
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