Project Management Sheets

A template project sheet can be built for any project, like a new store opening checklist. Enter your start date and the sheet calculates your allotted timeline. Automated reminders for all participants by task. The feature is also collaborative with franchisees. Supports files, pictures, hyperlinks, custom forms as well as detailed management reporting. Flexible and designed for franchisors.
Create Your Template Once
Build your template by setting tasks, you can create a task like on any calendar with a start and stop date, and reminders. Participants for each task, as well as necessary items that need to be within the task. You can add notes here for convenience. Include files, pictures, and hyperlinks. Then once you layout the plan you can assign the number of days that you want to allow for a task so you keep your franchisee on plan. Then set the owner for the task, franchisee, or part of the corporate team.
New Store Project Management Sheet
As you can see the PM Sheet holds a tremendous amount of information just at the top of the sheet. What PM Sheet is it, which location (and an easy active link to location if needed.), progress bar and timeline, completion status, and owners of the project. It even has all the attachments you placed in the sheet. It can be pinned to your dashboard and shows everyone on the team that it has been shared with. You can also automate emails based on a workflow based on any number of triggers or conditions.
Completed Tasks on PM Sheet
This is an example of the PM Sheet view. You can see the specific tasks as well as your notes for the task. See the owners of your task and review any collaborative notes on a topic with your franchisee. Also, remember that you can change the dates if you run into a stall and the system will recalculate your open date.
Report by Section
This is a great way to look at your system openings and get an at-a-glance view of where you are running behind on openings. Every time you are able to identify stalls in your system and reduce days to open you add to the royalty stream.
Live desktop version preview | Limited functionality