Real Estate & Location Management

Manage open locations and protected areas (polygon, zip codes or radius) List potential sites and deal terms which will show on the map and is viewable by the sales team. Map also shows all development territory rights as well as rights of first refusal agreements. You also have the ability to show competitors or desired co-tenants as you assess potential locations.
Potential Sites
Real estate directors and brokers have easy access (even on their phones) to add potential sites, which include all deal terms and can accommodate all site plans and other large documents like images in the library of the potential site. The best part of this feature is that all of your sales team can access the map and match potential franchisees with approved locations. Click on the site and drill down to the street view.
Potential Sites - Report View
As potential locations are entered you can slice and dice the information as you like. All columns can be customized, by you, to fit your business. These views can be sorted in any way you need, like by state or zip code. It can also be easily exported to a spreadsheet if needed.
Potential Site Detail
Every potential site in the system creates its own location shell. Now you can see all of the location details that you added in the original listing as well as create any custom field you want in the shell. Finally, have a library for all your deal documents, with no storage limits.
Right of First Refusal - by Zip Codes
This is a detailed ROFR of a particular region that will be found on the main real estate map as well as on the map under the franchisee.
Rights of First Refusal
As new deals are done and the ROFR information is added to the franchisee page we automatically pull in that data for reporting and easy access for your team. All of this information is also automatically added to the real estate map.
Territory Rights
Territories are edited on the same page as your Development Agreements and can be a polygon as in the example or by radius or zip codes. The system also supports uploads of images.
Search for Tenants or Competitors
From your company’s real estate page, you can drill down into a specific location, then zoom in on that location and use the search box at the top of the map.

You can enter a competitor that you would like to see in relationship to the site you're reviewing, or you can also show co-tenants that you prefer to have in the same trade area. Also, continue to focus on and then utilize the street view feature to actually see the location of interest. We also have the ability to integrate with demographic information or other real estate platforms.
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