Form Builder

Create and send custom forms and questionnaires. Capture responses submitted by leads, contacts, franchisees, and others. Keep to reference when needed or display in the relevant context. Create templates for typical scenarios. Use with other features to extend their data collection capabilities, such as pulling in specific information from the franchisee regarding construction status through the Project Management sheets.
Form Builder
Use the proprietary form builder to gather information from leads like financial information, long-form applications, etc., or from prospective franchisees who have decided to move forward. This form can send and receive links, file attachments, and images and will bring any answers or attachments directly back to the system. Links to your forms can be used as part of an automated workflow as well.
Form Review
Every form can be viewed at one time, and from there can be drilled into looking at the individual responses aggregated in one place as well as appearing contextually on the individual lead or franchisee page. This form can also be used to gather information from your entire system.
Form Responses and Progress
Easily look at your respondents' progress as well as their individual answers. This report can be shared, pinned, and exported as necessary.
Live desktop version preview | Limited functionality