Thorough out the system you have the ability to personalize your views by user or set as a company view. You can add color to your dashboard and hide or rearrange items as desired. You can also create your own tabs at the top of the site. Text override allows you to use your brands nomenclature. You can also add custom data fields under every area, which all become reportable.
Text Overrides
Nomenclature is important for every brand. Here you can change almost any word on the site. You can name your locations, school, parlor, restaurant, gym, or anything you choose.
Custom Fields
Here is an example of custom fields that were added to the construction information. You can add any field you want to track information on. Once you add the custom data field it will automatically appear on your view choices so that it is reportable.
Custom Reports
You are able to pull information together from across the system into any view you need. Once created it can be saved privately or shared with the team. It can also be exported as needed.
Live desktop version preview | Limited functionality